Customer Awareness and Approval

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Customer Awareness & Approval Policy

Solid Image Flooring, Inc., presents this document because we care about our customers and believe communication of our work process is important to the success and delivery of a Solid Image project.

This document of agreement, containing Terms & Conditions, will be presented, explained and approved by all parties to ensure the work requested, is documented by Solid Image and approved by the Customer. Please keep in mind that any additional work that wasn’t quoted in the Quotation(s) [if applicable], will be billed accordingly, and only at the agreement and approval by both Customer and Solid Image; documented in writing. This document protects the customer, as well as ensures Solid Image performs work that is agreed upon for installation and finishing of a Solid Image project.

Additional areas of installation, sanding, color changes, finishing, etc., that the customer should be aware at Quotation time is stated in this “Customer Awareness & Approval Policy” document as follows:

Craftsmanship: Solid Image will perform the work in a courteous and professional manner. Craftsmanship is our trade, and as such, we will deliver quality work and quality results to the Customer’s satisfaction; and, as reasonably considered under the Terms & Conditions set forth below.

Moving Furniture & Appliances: Solid Image is not responsible for the removal or replacement of any appliance, furniture or other unattached articles (pictures, hanging items, etc.), that would inhibit the time and work efforts of hardwood installation, sanding, staining & finishing; and/or, tile installation, grouting, coloring, sealing and finishing process and is agreed by the Customer, unless, other arrangements are made in the attached listed Quotation(s). However, if needed, we will move furniture and appliances at addition expenses that can be quoted separately.

Tear out: Tear out of items mentioned on the Quotation(s) will be removed from premise and disposed of properly. A nominal fee is charged for disposal and will be included in the Quotation(s), if applicable.

Dust: Dust will exist during the tear out, installation and finishing processes. Please be aware that dust will appear in areas that are not protected from this type of work activity. We will make our best effort to minimize the dust. Plastic protection can be provided and protection and cleaning companies are available at additional costs. They can ensure your home will be put back to its normal clean environment. We use a sanding dust containment system, however, no company can guarantee a 100% dust free installation and finishing process; it just doesn’t exist. Work activity simply creates dust! That is a fact.

Odors: The use of certain materials, such as Glue-down Systems, Polyurethane, Thin-set and Wood Stains; grout and sealants contain and emit nauseous, toxic and irritant odors. Be aware that during the installation process, which could take from several days to several weeks (depending on the work required), odors will be emit that may be unpleasant and even unhealthy. Occupancy and living in these areas under work, and surrounding rooms could be unhealthy and alternative living arranges may be made by the Customer and Customer’s family residing in the work areas and surrounding areas. Solid Image assumes no liability for these unhealthy odors.

Materials Used: Solid Image purchases and utilizes materials from qualified distributors and retail outlets. Solid Image maintains business accounts at a six (6) companies in the Denver area. Solid Image will not warrantee any material provided from a liquidation supplier or outside source purchased by the customer. Solid Image guarantees the product we supply because we work with Vendors that guarantee their products they sell to us. The Customer assumes all liability with the material and installation if they should chose to stray away from our recommendations.

Sub-floors: If installation is on a Concrete surface (unseen before Tear out begins), Solid Image is not responsible for the level accuracy of such surface. Solid Image will make their best efforts to install on uneven and non-level surfaces as best as possible; if the customer so chooses to not pay for leveling of floors. Certain areas may need leveling compounds and/or joist and structural stability (30+ older homes and buildings). Solid Image will assess the areas and notate information to Customer before work begins. Another consideration for flooring is the acoustical standards will need to be determined if the property is located above other residents, or, for that matter, any surface accepting the installation of hardwood flooring or tile flooring.

Trim & Finish: Unless noted in the Quotation(s), any trim work such as Base Board, ¼ round removed and replaced during the installation and finishing process will be accepted “as is” at job completion. Customer should know that nail marks (holes) and potential plaster damage at the base of the floor might occur as a normal course of this installation and finishing. Solid Image will make its best effort to provide quality and professional service and work. Solid Image also offers a Trim and Finish service. These services can be quoted if requested.

Color, Texture, Finish: Any stain color or wood grain/color and type of wood selected by, or, tile material and grout color selected by the Customer is agreed by Customer in this signed consent, releasing any liability from Solid Image concerning the color, texture or appearance of purchased product. You have opted to use “nature” (trees and rock), as a resilient source of style and appeal in your home. Furthermore, these natural products carry natural colors and appearances. It is your responsibility to direct Solid Image on where you would like to see certain pieces of the product. Otherwise, Solid Image will install these products with their own style and layout. Every effort will be made to exhibit the appropriate wood grain, texture, color, finish and completion of work agreed upon by both Customer and Solid Image, documented, in writing. Additionally, samples of stains, trim, grout and/or flooring will be provided to assure that the consumer has agreed on the above specifications, work and color/grain and type of wood or type of tile of their choices. Customer should be aware that samples only present what they actually are; samples, not the full picture. Actual results may vary slightly. Solid Image will make the best effort to match to Customer’s agreed upon approval covered in this document.

Acclimation of Materials: Both Solid Image and Customer will agree upon timing and schedule of installation. Time to acclimate wood & tile products may require as much as one week before work can begin because of climatic, temperatures and humidity conditions in the work area that cause expansion and shrinkage of wood and tile products. Tile should acclimate within one day (24 hours) in an average, controlled temperature of ~72°F. Hardwood takes much longer to acclimate and Solid image recommends at least one week for the hardwood to sit in the installed area before actual installation occurs.

Material Costs Payment: Material costs will be required paid up front, upon delivery, unless other arrangements are mentioned on the Quotation(s). Customer pays 40% to Solid Image Flooring, Inc. upon the delivery date to the Customer’s project.

Payment upon Completion: Full Payment is due upon completion. We would appreciate your comments and criticisms regarding our work at completion. We accept email correspondence at the Contact information on the Home Page of our website.

Disputes & Arbitration: If a dispute between the parties arises and is not resolved in accordance with good faith negotiation, either party may, upon the giving of written notice to the other party, require that such dispute be finally and solely determined and settled by binding arbitration. In the event of Arbitration action by either party, the party requesting Arbitration will contact the other party, in writing, to select a single arbitrator, agreeable to both parties that will facilitate the negotiation. The parties shall select the arbitrator within 30 days after receipt of notice. The fees of the arbitrator shall be split equally between the parties. Any arbitration shall be conducted in the State of Colorado in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) in effect on the date of this Agreement.

Solid Image-who we are: Clean Cut Flooring of Denver, LLC (CCF) is a Licensed and Insured Colorado company. Nick Gengozian, dba Clean Cut Flooring of Denver, LLC, has been installing, sanding, grouting and finishing hardwood and tile floors for 12 years; including 1,000+ flooring and tile surfaces, completed with a myriad of hardwood and tile products. Clean Cut Flooring of Denver, LLC utilizes Solid Image Flooring, Inc. (Mark Gengozian) for all their Administrative duties and transactions. Solid Image Flooring, Inc. is a Colorado Corporation, licensed and insured. Solid Image is a Father/Son cooperative partnership and locally owned businesses.

Any questions, concerns or further explanations, please contact Nick or Mark. Best regards and hope that you select Solid Image. We are confident you will find our quality of work and high standards of product delivery the key values that we deliver to all of our Customers.


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_Digitally Signed_____________
Mark K. Gengozian, President/Owner
Solid Image Flooring, Inc.

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Nick Gengozian, Owner/Craftsman
Clean Cut Flooring of Denver, LLC